Vip Protection

VIP protection

The "Static" locations in which VIPs are located, MD consortium provide multi layers protection systems (Anti-unmanned Defence System) is a counter vehicles system that is designed to disrupt and neutralize unmanned vehicles remotely systems. The system combines electronic-scanning (ground-Air-Under water surface) radar target detection, tracking, arrangement and effectively neutralizing threats, and directional radio hang-up capability.

Threats to VIP convoys from remote-controlled improvised explosive devices pose a real and present danger. MD Solutions can moderate these threats by blocking and disrupting signals that are activated by cellular communications or any other means of remote signal transmission. VIP protected vehicle provides rigid VIP protection. The protected vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that transmits unique noise signals to create a firewall, effectively neutralizing threats for remote explosive activation. The equipment aboard the vehicle can block a wide spectrum of frequencies and wireless communications.