The National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC) - also known as the SAMARAEE’s Consortium


Empowering National Security Innovation: Join the SAMARAEE Consortium

The SAMARAEE Consortium, a proud contributor to the National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC), offers diverse avenues for individuals and organizations to bolster national security through technological advancement. 


Here's how you can contribute:

1.    Accelerate Dual-Use Technology: Participate in NSIC's development programs to rapidly advance dual-use hardware technologies critical for national security and economic competitiveness.


2.    Join a Network of Experts: Become a SAMARAEE Consortium partner and gain access to a dynamic network of strategic thinkers, technology leaders, and government and industry decision-makers.


3.    Collaborate for Impact: Engage in collaborative projects that bridge defense, academia, and the venture community, leveraging your expertise to develop innovative solutions for national security challenges.


4.    Empower Startups: Support the growth of dual-use hardware startups within the NSIC ecosystem, fostering innovation at its source.

5.    Invest in Critical Technologies: Provide crucial funding to advance developing and deploying critical technologies that address national security needs.


6.    Contribute Your Expertise:  Share your knowledge in AI, robotics, computing, communications, energy, sensors, or space technology to make a tangible impact on NSIC initiatives.


To explore specific contribution opportunities aligned with your skills and interests, visit the SAMARAEE Innovations website at or contact us directly.