The National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC) - also known as the SAMARAEE’s Consortium


The National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC)—the SAMARAEE’s Consortium is a distinguished network dedicated to innovative problem-solving tailored to meet the evolving demands of those committed to safeguarding our humanitarian security. The NSIC Consortium transcends traditional boundaries, operating without a central headquarters. Instead, NSIC boasts a strategic presence across nine global regions: North America, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, three distinct offices in the ASEAN countries, and Switzerland. This expansive reach enables us to provide a robust organizational and administrative framework for our endeavors.


Our dynamic team actively collaborates with various stakeholders, including Ministries, clients, elite academic institutions, and research entities. We are deeply integrated within a vibrant global innovation and business ecosystem, which enables us to address the unique challenges and opportunities each region presents individually. Through this inclusive approach, The National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC)—the SAMARAEE’s Consortium, champions the cause of innovation, driving progress and security worldwide.