Our Team

We offer multiple areas of focus for engineers, including computer, electrical, mechanical and structural, as well as a wide range of opportunities in the physical sciences, including chemistry, biology and physics. We're looking for people with experience or education in: Applied mathematics. Computer engineering.

Modernizing command, control, and communications. Revolutionizing combat with artificial intelligence. Empowering multi-domain military operations. Winning the Great Power Competition. MD's experts apply our objective insights and innovative approach to collaborate across government, academia, and industry with stakeholders, experts, and decision makers to advance America’s position as the foremost global power.

MDs bridges applied science with specific mission needs. We are pioneers in the fields of systems engineering; signal processing; positioning, navigation, and timing; and telecommunications. We often serve as the institutional memory for longstanding programs, ensuring that lessons learned are never lost as they move from basic requirements to fielded technology.

MDs of Muayad Alsamaraee family team, means a team that is comprised of family members, friends, foster parents, legal custodians, community specialists, and other interested people identified by the family and Department who join together to empower, motivate, and strengthen a family, and collaboratively develop and support MDs plans.

Also ... Via our partnerships Members of successful teams know that they can trust each other - and themselves - to honor their commitments and accomplish shared goals. Like a family, employees must put in the effort to cultivate and maintain professional relationships. ... On the other hand, being a team brings a number of positive norms: High alignment to espoused values and norms. A team is formed based on purpose and goals, while a family might be more formed around the people in it. When building a team for purpose and goal achievement, members tend to be precisely clear and in-line with the espoused vision, values, goals, and norms.

Within Samaraee Family: There are a number of benefits that being a family can infer for your organization:

• More innovation. Being a familial group inherently authorizes people to take more risks toward innovative ends since a family is founded on giving one another permission and a willingness to be vulnerable and accepting of each other.

• Leadership is founded on influence, not authority. at MDs, we can say that leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. As a family, relationships are founded more on influence achieved rather than formal authority or power; everyone tends to earn the right to speak into each other’s’ lives rather than rely on formal authority or positions. This creates a more psychologically safe environment with higher degrees of mutual trust and respect.

• Improved collaboration. Interactions are more intimate, less formal, and tend to be high in the supportive behaviors for developmental experiences. Familial interaction patterns may often include close physical proximity, high amounts of eye contact, physical touches (handshakes, hugs, fist bumps), lots of questions, intense active (emphatic) listening, and continuous courtesies (thank-you, etc.).

• Close familial ties may discourage people from holding each other accountable to standards and performance expectations. Your people may be more willing to tolerate others’ poor performance, dysfunctional norms, or lapses in character in an effort to maintain the feel-good family feelings in the workplace. The family environment may encourage loyalty to people rather than to the organization and espoused shared values.