Our Story

We discover. We create. We lead. ... MDs is trusted to lead—by government, industry, and academia. The bedrock of any trusted relationship is integrity. For more than 30+ years, MDs has proudly operated and funded, research and development centers. a high honor. 

Since our inception (1911), MDs has consistently addressed the most complex whole-of-challenges that threaten countries safety, security, and prosperity. Our mission-driven teams bring technical expertise, objectivity, and an interdisciplinary approach to drive innovation and accelerate solutions in the public interest. Above all, MDs is trusted to deliver data-driven results and recommendations without any conflicts of interest.

MDs began in 1992, sponsored the new generation of technologies by the Samaraee family to bridge across the academic research community and industry.  We were founded as a not-for-profit company to serve as objective advisers in systems engineering to agencies, both military and civilian.

We are innovators—from advances in radar technology, cyber, Positioning by Earth's Magnetic Anomaly Field, biotech solutions, and aviation systems to breakthroughs in evolving disciplines such as vehicle autonomy, artificial intelligence, and synthetic biology. 

Moreover, as a company that doesn’t compete with industry, we’re uniquely positioned to convene all parties, industry, and academia to collaborate on big societal challenges, from pandemic response to highway safety to social justice.

At its core, MDs story is about our people. We’re proud that multi-talented and creative individuals choose to stand with us every day, dedicating themselves to our mission of solving problems for a safer world.

As we look to the future, we anticipate increasingly complex technical problems, more complicated intersections between technology and policy, and higher stakes among global competitors. The nations worldwide will need (MDs), more than ever. Through objective insights, a unique vantage point, and technical know-how, we never stop discovering new and better ways to achieve results in the public interest.