Our Impact

An engine for disruptive innovation and solutions

MDs inspires breakthroughs in applied science and advanced technology to transform the future of scientific and economic leadership. Our goal: Deliver disruptive innovation to support our mission of solving problems for a safer world.

By bringing significant resources—people, technology innovation, and knowledge sharing processes—to scale MDs impact through our federally funded research and development centers. By strengthening competitiveness in a world where dual-use technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing can be game-changers for nations security and economy. And by applying the objectivity and expertise of technical staff across a wide range of disciplines, including our Fellows, all preeminent in their fields.

In our Innovation Centers, under the guidance of our office of the chief innovation officer, we’re confronting some of today’s biggest challenges, and offers solutions of: Stopping cyber theft of intellectual property by foreigners. Defeating adversaries who are mobile and hard to track. Securing microelectronics and pharmaceutical supply chains. And through our talent, platforms, partnerships, and vision, we’re focused on strengthening the vital missions and industries of the future.

Building on more than 110+ years’ experience working across government, we’re stimulating new ways of thinking and action to tackle national and global challenges, in partnership with industry and academia. We’re extending MDs, whole-of-platform to whole-of-nations impact, ensuring the leads the world in scientific and technological innovation.