Our Culture

Empowering people who lead positive impact for the world

At MDs, our people are not just at the center of our culture, they are our culture in action. They represent the very best of our organization, they are the game-changers and disruptors, poised to create positive impact while harnessing opportunities to solve complex problems. 

For more than 30 years, our culture has served as a unifying force, driven by human ingenuity and our indelible spirit of innovation to unite behind our mission: solving problems for a safer world. 

Our impact, leading the way to safer skies, more secure networks, broader access to healthcare, groundbreaking defense and homeland security technologies, data-driven public policy, and more, is possible because of the talented individuals who work here. 

Each day, our people bring their best and whole selves to work. Enabled through our inclusive and diverse environment, they exemplify our cultural attributes, speed, risk-taking, adaptability, collaboration, and grace and respect, to build a better future for all nations and for us all. 

Our cultural attributes enable each of us to grow, thrive, and prosper as we deliver our impact, drive innovation, and accelerate solutions in the public interest. Employees of different ages, races and genders working together on a prototype

We’re committed to leading the way to a strong future through social innovation, community engagement, and volunteerism, locally and nationally.

We’ve found people who are drawn to MDs, are often the same ones each of us will meet in our daily lives, generously lending their time and talent to causes they believe in. They’re passionate about taking new, inclusive, and collaborative approaches to solving complex challenges that can impact communities. They’re inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders, working to end food insecurity, and restoring green spaces. 

Additionally, our academic partnerships create learning and growth opportunities for students in school, college, and beyond. Every year, our people working for thousands of hours in the Urban STEM to assist the communities.