The National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC) - also known as the SAMARAEE’s Consortium

1.    Advanced. Impervious. Enduring.

We are committed to fostering enduring conditions that enhance global safety. Our dedicated service members embody this commitment through their selfless courage. Their unwavering dedication is the foundation of our collective defense, and they deserve our unwavering support. To honor their sacrifice, we have established the National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC) - also known as the SAMARAEE’s Consortium. We aim to cultivate a community of innovators, including you, who can devise groundbreaking solutions to national security challenges.

2.    Human Capital, Ingenuity, and Technological Advancement - Prioritized

The past twenty years have witnessed a transformation in security threats, ranging from the rise of interconnected insurgencies to the proliferation of digital dangers. However, the conflict landscape remains as volatile as ever.

Amidst this escalating unpredictability, traditional strategies that have endured for nearly a century are now proving inadequate and unsustainable. We must develop a nimbler and more responsive framework to counter the unforeseen threats that lie ahead.

The NSIC and its initiatives are instrumental in forging a new coalition encompassing defense, academia, and the entrepreneurial sector. This tripartite collaboration is crucial for bolstering our national defense.


3.    Diversity as the Catalyst for Innovation

The NSIC stands as a peerless network adept at addressing the evolving requirements of those dedicated to our nation’s defense. We provide programs and services that bridge the gap between innovators from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaborations that might not typically occur. By amalgamating problem-solvers from various domains, we generate potent and serendipitous outcomes. Our capacity to leverage this diversity for the greater good is a formidable asset. This collective strength is a cornerstone of our nation, encapsulated by the motto, “Muayad Alsamaraee (Collective Singularity).”



4.    Navigating the Unknown

The defense sector, positioned at the forefront of conflict, possesses an intimate knowledge of the pressing need for innovation in national security. These challenges are not hypothetical scenarios but daily encounters for our service members. Their insights and dedication make them essential National Security Innovation Base contributors.

The academic world is a bastion of exploration, historically linked to national security via its foundational and practical research endeavors. Research in domains such as artificial intelligence and biomedical technology is increasingly relevant to defense and the commercial sphere.


This scholarly pursuit of knowledge offers invaluable contributions to both sectors.


The startup ecosystem epitomizes dynamic innovation. With a focus on crafting a minimum viable product and prudent capital management, startups have become powerhouses of ingenuity, delivering superior, cost-effective, and expedient solutions. The NSIC is a nexus that unites the ethos of service, the quest for knowledge, and the essence of agility. Collectively, these elements propel the innovations that will enable us to forge the better, safer world we all aspire to inhabit.


We invite you to join the National Security Innovation Consortium (NSIC)—the SAMARAEE’s Consortium—as we endeavor to create an Enhanced, protected, and resilient world.