CTIIPRDA agreement, a unique-result Over the last 30years of experience in the strategic innovation within a quite a lot of development forms, of challenges and innovative successes, for Commercialization of Technology and Innovation, IP, Research, Product(s) & Project(s) - Design and Development, Via (CTIIPRDA) Agreement. 

CTIIPRDA, a roadmap agreement, is a representation that aligns the strategy(s) with the actions, to Commercialization of Technology and Innovation, IP, Research, Product(s) & Project(s) - Design and Development, and brings clarity to the mutual benefit(s) direction, processes, priorities, and timeline required to achieve specific goals, between (Parties) of this agreement.

This Innovation roadmap agreement CTIIPRDA is essential for building a competitive advantage and to outlines the strategic goals, initiatives, and structured activities that will enable the innovative-teams of MD Consortium, which represent all the innovation sources, and innovator(s), as a one unit, including the LICENSOR(s), as a (First Party) of this agreement. 

This Innovation roadmap agreement CTIIPRDA, to get-up-and-go and developing an innovative business and/or any other strategic target, Via or by MD Consortium, within an innovative sciences and cutch up technologies and all other solutions: To support the LICENSEE, as a Client of MD Consortium, and as a (Second Party) of this agreement.  

Muayad S. Dawood Al-Samaraee, as a (innovation strategist), as individually, and/or by representing a corporation(s) in a state or worldwide, as personally. And/or Samaraee & Daniel Specialists Incorporated, a Canadian innovation company. As a one of them and/or all of them (as) an Innovation Consortium named MD Consortium, published in the website of www.samaraee-innovations.com. … Muayad Al-Samaraee, as an innovation strategist, can define business model options and case for new products, services or ventures. Takes a new product from idea to launch and navigate between design thinking, agile and lean processes as needed.

We uniting under (MD Consortium of Muayad Alsamaraee) as an innovative solutions provider, directly and/or indirectly, to providing the Catch-up technology, refers to the process which can assist the countries or companies, that are behind the technological borders trying to reduce their technological gaps. And/or to providing: Innovation, IP, Innovative Research, Product(s) & Innovative Project(s) - Innovative Design and Development. We are providing that (by) a person(s). or by a group, that introduces something new, or does something for the first time. as we are a true pioneer(s) and/or innovator(s), who always pushes the boundaries, and follows our visions, (as) an innovator(s), and (as) a licensor(s). 

MD Consortium as an innovation consortium refers to a group of two or more individual(s), and/or companies or organizations that come together to achieve a common goal(s) or project(s). Typically, the individual(s), and/or companies in a consortium have complementary skills and expertise and collaborate to share resources, knowledge, and risks in pursuit of a specific objective(s). MD Consortium was formed for large-scale projects that require significant investment or expertise beyond the capabilities of a one company or individual.

Muayad Alsamaraee, as a Senior Corporate Strategy Director of MD Consortium, that can innovate a strategic plan(s) and ensures compliance with these strategies. It is his duty to review, manage, and analyze all business strategies in order to provide council to the business's leadership and ensure alignment with the business's overall strategy of MD Consortium network of labs worldwide. … Strategic innovation is a process of reinventing or redesigning for a formula of business model or any other goals, for a specific corporate, as an innovative strategy to drive business growth, generate value for the company and its customers, and create competitive advantage. This type of innovation is essential for all the organizations, or states to adapt to the speed of technology change.