Smart Farm Systems

MD-DRONE'S Aerial Agriculture Applications

1)       Crop Dusting

2)       Remote Aerial Surveying

3)       Disease Detection and Mitigation

4)       Crop Harvesting

5)       Parasite Monitoring

6)       Yield Estimation

7)       Moisture Monitoring

8)       Weed Infestation Monitoring

9)       Crop Growth Monitoring

10) Asset tracking & Management

11) Livestock Tracking

12) Crop Inventory Tracking

13) Disease outbreak tracking

14) Harvest Optimization

15) Fertilizer Management

16) Soil Erosion Monitoring

17) Fire Suppression & safety technology

MD-DRONE'S UAS systems can be fully integrated and make them work in a way that satisfies end-users. The traditional "UAV's" technology will not reach the ideal performance stage if the nature of the field is not observed. The navigational system of the MD-DRONE'S UAS systems has been pre-programmed with modern information on maps and coordinates of the work area, which must be renewed almost every month. Otherwise, many agricultural users fail to obtain certain economic benefits because of flight failure in order to prevent the aircraft from Collisions in artificial beams within the working area of ​​the poles of lighting and electricity or any physical object made by nature or human and incompatible with the quality of the aerial vehicle flight path and comes within the AGL altitude ground level. To take advantage of these systems we are constantly working on the development of MD-DRONE'S systems and we can now make the "UAV's" a basic agricultural tool and ideal according to the uses described above.