Embedded Innovation
Embedded Systems, a computer hardware and software combination operate as part of a bigger system. These systems may be programmable or may only perform certain functions. Embedded system is used to build consumer electronics, industrial machinery, aeroplanes, automobiles, medical devices, vending machines, cameras, and agricultural and home appliances. Listed below are the top sector:

Biomedical Engineering
One of the most important embedded systems, involves designing, and, Manufacturing.

Embedded Systems
Embedded system design and implement the software of the embedded systems. Include: Review of Design, Integrating code, Validating New Product Designs, Maintaining the Development Cycle of System Software From Design Through Debugging.

Embedded Softwires
Developing embedded software programs by collaborate with clients and conceive programs based on the specifications of the client's needs.

Embedded Systems
Embedded systems designing play a crucial role in the design development, testing, production and maintenance of embedded systems. The test system aims to regulate and eliminate potential issues and provide system-level support working with cross-functional teams like mechanical hardware software.

Firmware Engineering
The firmware engineering creates software used in programmable devices. You need to design and implement algorithms for the firmware, and you are also required to create technical documents which describe the usage of the firmware.

Hardware Engineering
The hardware engineering is responsible for the electrical design elements of the electrical system, like high-speed digital PCB layouts and thermal management, besides power management, and implement high-performance computing platforms and work with the system architecture mechanical and electrical engineers' firmware to realize the future generation of the autonomous driving system solution.

Hardware Test Engineering
The hardware test engineering designs, implements, and tests the hardware systems. This role, must use different testing techniques and regularly review and test the hardware. also, recording all the changes made to the hardware and problems related to the same.

Mobile App Developer
A mobile app developing, writing the software for hardware functionality on different mobile devices.

Printed Circuit Board Designing
The PCB designing and developing of circuit boards.