Over time, monitoring provides the operator with a history of the stability of the mine opening, allowing for the installation of additional support where needed or the removal of personnel and equipment from potentially hazardous situations.

Use a Monitoring Software. One of the most effective ways to monitor staff performance is to utilize software designed to do just that. It allows you to track activities and analyze data regarding the tasks staff complete during the day.

Performance monitoring systems are tools used to observe cloud applications, log issues, trace, and alert teams about irregularities or issues with cloud infrastructure. Examples of performance monitoring systems include observability tools, tracing systems, alert and dashboards, and more.

Automated monitoring means a continuous monitoring system that will cause an alarm, dialer, or pager to notify a certified operator in cases where a system may fail during periods of normal operation.

Temperature, smell, and humidity sensors can detect impending mine fires. Temperature sensors, such as thermocouples, resistance thermometers, and thermistors, can detect the changes in underground mine temperature to indicate fires. 

Automated monitoring systems are used in mining operations worldwide to automate the data collection process of sensors. These systems are versatile, rugged, and reliable, making them ideal for geotechnical, water level, water quality, slope stability analysis, weather monitoring, ambient air quality, environmental compliance, dam and tailing monitoring, mine ventilation, equipment performance, cameras, and roof and shaft stability.

MD Consortium is one that provides design thinking services to invents and developing all the automated monitoring systems, for mining operations. Their systems can operate in harsh remote locations where unsafe conditions are often not suitable for personnel and are reliable enough to keep people safe and mines open. 

Some benefits of using automated monitoring systems include reduced resources required to have personnel manually collect data from sensors, increased data availability, improved data integrity, better worker and public safety, ability to monitor critical parameters even during shutdown or long-term care and maintenance, and cost-effective implementation of governance around environmental and safety solutions.

MD Consortium also offers provides design thinking services to invents and developing the advanced mining automation and teleoperation systems. Their solutions significantly improve productivity and safety while lowering the total cost of ownership. The software systems help you monitor your machines, giving you a full overview of your fleet and enabling you to control and optimize your operations.