About Us


MDs of Muayad Alsamaraee Family, is proud of its more than 110-year Experience in Naval, Aerospace, Defense, and Security Innovations and Industries. Since 1911, As a Consortium specialist in innovation, it has worked since 1917 to provide excellent innovators and inventions that support a great mission in addition to serving as a strong community partner in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Indonesia and Canada.

We believe in building sustainable conditions that make the world a safer place. Our service members live this by voluntarily putting themselves in challenges way. Serving them is at the heart of communities’ common security and they need good chances from all countries. This is why we are building the National Security Innovation Consortium. Our mission is to build networks of innovators who generate new solutions to national security problems worldwide.

While much has changed around the world over decades, our mission to ensure safe and reliable communities remains the same.

We are proud of our heritage and that we are part of Iraqi society. We invite you to look back at our history and look at our future through each decade through the interactive timeline below. Protecting national security is the most important responsibility of governments. It is the foundation of political freedom, economic opportunity and the rule of law, enabling businesses to innovate, create jobs and support the industrial base. In an increasingly digital world, technology and business are evolving in ways that make national security a shared responsibility of government and innovators.

The MD-Consortium experienced several setbacks to our innovation and manufacturing work, in Iraq since (1916, 1933, 1958, 2006-2022) and Jordan (2012-2022), on 2004 we protected the MD-consortium when we transfer our innovative technologies on a global scale, to North America, Europe, and ASEAN Countries.

The mission of the MD-Consortium is to provide senior leaders across countries with independent advice and recommendations on innovative means to meet future challenges through the prism of four focus areas: Novel Innovations, technology transfer Process, practices, and mutual benefits.

The Technology and Innovation Consortium encourages market intelligence participation by entrepreneurs, investors, and other technological innovators and promotes the development and application of technology to address government's most pressing challenges.

The consortium acts as a catalyst, leveraging the knowledge of members of the public and private sectors to stimulate the development of new technology ideas and to identify non-traditional technology applications for rapid, innovative and cost-effective application. We are committed to bringing together defense innovators, Experts, and entrepreneurs to solve national security problems in new ways.